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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 22, 2024 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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but we also remember their excellence in journalism. for that matter, we also remember our "wall street journal" colleague evan gershkovich who is being held by the russians and we add our voices to the calls for him to be released. covering war is tough. but we will continue to fair, balanced and unafraid. friday, i will be back in the u.s. i will bring you a little story about what life is like here in kyiv. they are trying to get back to normal. but there is a threat that looms overhead every single day. good night from kyiv. the ingraham starts right now. ♪ ♪
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>> laura: good evening i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" reporting from houston. a california politician decides to take border enforcement into her own hands, literally she is here to talk about it. appearing with someone vp short list. first, their money not yours. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> laura: tiffany's. no, i'm not talking about the luxury brand and the blue box. i'm talking about the mouthy mayor with a big attitude. >> the people's mayor. [cheers] >> y'all are ready. what are you doing? ♪ >> laura: in 2021, she was elected to run dolton township outside of chicago. soon enough tiffany like so many untalented dim wits before her
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divided to treat other people's money the taxpayers like it was her own in 2022 when residents figured out what a fraud she was, she voted to recall her but she didn't care. she refused to leave office. the hell with what the people want. after the recall failed on a technicality in court. tiffany declared herself as doll ton's forever mayor. after all, she was taught to use her race as a shield and a sword. which she did at a recent township meeting. now, when you listen to this, i want you to remember, this woman takes home nearly a $300,000 a year salary. >> y'all forget i am the leader. they want to hear from the mayor. if you all ain't learned that yet in the mayor, not the trustees that don't do nothing. that only run their mouth. y'all don't do no work. no work. because y'all got false narratives. y'all should be shamed of y'all self. y'all are black. you are sitting up here and beating and attacking on a black woman that's in power.
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y'all should be ashamed of y'all's self. >> laura: classic liberal. you should be after shamed of yourself for even asking her to defend her actions or her spending. she is tiffany and no one questions tiffany. after years of blatant corruption. this woman is only now under investigation by the fbi. it's about time. and of course the state a.g.'s office is looking into her charity after longstanding allegations that she bulked the taxpayers for extravagant first class travel and hundreds of thousands of dollars in police overtime for her personal security detail. >> doll ton police officers drove her from morning until night racking up hundreds of hours of overtime, costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. >> to be on the street. fighting crime. >> officers are being used as hen yard's personal value yeas. >> officers would be as i wanted
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out to do pickups and drop-offs. >> laura: errands, drop offs, of course she is tiffany. she is accused of going after businesses, also, that refuse to support her campaign. and that's just for starters. for years again because she is tiffany, she is entitled to live large with opm i love money more than the things can i buy. it don't care whether i snore or not. it doesn't care which god i pray. to say there are only three things in this world with that kind of unconditional acce acceptance. >> dogs, doughnuts, and money. only money is better. there is only one thing i like better. other people's money.
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>> laura: opm, it's the best kind of money. that's why liberals love big government. they expect you to work to pay for their lifestyle. and when it comes to the flagrant abuse of tax dollars, tiffany has latoya to look up to as in cantrell, the mayor of new orleans. she is always in some hot water but keeps on swimming anyway. fbi officials are investigating time cantrell spent with married new orleans police officer jeffrey vapey at a private apartment both on and off the clock. cantrell even took vapey, her official security guard, prior to his removal to a climate action gathering in dubai in december i bet it was hot. again it was legitimate for climate. only cost $14,000. total sleaze. again, these officials have all been schooled in big government liberalism. the government doesn't exist to serve the people in their minds.
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it exists to serve the politician and their donors. as we see with the biden white house always the best of intentions a vote for biden is a vote to save democracy. >> i believe 2024 the most important election we have had since 1864. i mean it. [cheers] >> reasons are clear. democracy is on the ballot. [cheers] >> freedom is on the ballot. >> who sits in the white house matters. it matters. [applause] in 2024, nevada freedom is on the ballot. freedom is on the ballot. and our democracy is on the b ballot. >> laura: of course as believable as bidenomics is working, the border is secure, and, of course, i will respect you in the morning. you aren't protecting democracy or even basic principles of
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fairness when you prosecute your chief political rival or use opm to doll out political benefits or as i like to phrase it stealing. and that's what joe biden's college loan forgiveness plan is. >> look, early in my term i announced a major plan to provide millions of working families with debt relief for their college student debt. tens of millions of people in debt were literally about to be canceled, their debts. but my maga republican friends in the congress, elected officials and special interest stepped in and sued us and the supreme court blocked it. blocked it. but that didn't stop me. i announced we are going to pursue alternative paths for student debt relief. >> laura: imagine if trump said that? i'm just going to go around what the court said technicality. >> talk about blowing up the constitution. first biden blatantly flouts the supreme court ruling striking down his previous attempt to do this. second, it rewards bad behavior. failing to repay a loan and
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punishes good behavior. people who pay their debts. and, third, it's a transparent ploy to shore up support that is flagging among younger voters before november. if you are a working person or retired, look, you are more careful with your money, flight because bidenomics has already robbed you blind. everything is more expensive because of his policies, fuel, food, car repairs, air travel, appliances. heaven forbid you get behind on your bills and have to borrow money. because the interest rate is a killer. maybe you forego big purchases or trips because you actually have to pay off your depth think of the kid who went to community college, maybe learned a trade, paid off his college loans vs. the genders study major who took out loans to study nonsense. democrats claim they want to help the disadvantaged students by doing. this it's really just a bail out of the elites and hardworking taxpayers are on the look for
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all of this. because the united states will need to make up for that lost federal revenue in the forms of student loans that won't be paid back. it's either spending cuts or additional borrowing and any interest associated with that new debt what we are seeing across the board effort by liberal democrats to build a huge money machine to keep themselves in power forever if they could have it. what we have seen in l.a. and chicago and new york for decades, that's how the system works. and the results as we see them now are catastrophic for the working class. again, the people they care about most. but the people whose pockets are being picked right now need to show up at the polls en masse in november and say hell no, leave our money alone. and that's the angle. joining us now missouri senator eric schmitt, senator, prior to joining the senate, you served as missouri's attorney general
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and co-filed i know the biden student loan lawsuit that he referenced in his comments today. your response to him tonight? he found other ways around it, senator. >> yeah, that's right. i'm the guy, right? we filed that lawsuit. we won at the supreme court because it was illegal and by the way saved taxpayers a half a trillion dollars with his illegal scheme. but is he back at it. it's a slap in the face to working america, to middle class families. to the people that paid back their student loans, the payment who made different life decisions, or decided not to take out loans or work their way through college. i mean, it's totally ridiculous. and he is at it again. cynical ploy here to try to buy votes. laura, i think people are seeing right through this. those people he is trying to buy off also understand it's twice as expensive to buy a home now since he took office. it's more expensive to go to the grocery store every week. also for every one person like that, there is 100 people out there. you referenced november and how important it is to vote. there is 100 people out there who see this for what it is, which is total b.s. people have
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had enough of this stuff trying to buy out votes made certain sacrifices, illegal act. no law that this president won't try to bull doze the constitution whether it's vaccine mandates or censorship enterprise. so i think people have had enough. >> a technical question or important question i should say, is there any way to stop him from doing what he is doing now just every so often announcing billions more in, quote, loan forgiveness to obviously try to buy votes if are before november? any other legal action that could be filed? >> yeah. i would encourage other a.g.s or whoever to bring lawsuits against this act. he was trying to use the heroes. >> laura: why hasn't it been done? >> hopefully this announcement spurs people to action. we can't stand by and let hundreds of billions of dollars go by the wayside because this guy is trying to buy another election. it's totally ridiculous. >> laura: it's theft. i'm just going to call it it's
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theft. >> it's a form of -- >> laura: a new poll is showing that only 16% say that president biden's policies have benefited the middle class, a lot, while 45 percent said they haven't helped the middle class at all. senator, i guess we shouldn't be surprised of. the man who sundayed if by the plutocrats, struggles to gain traction with the middle class? who would have thunk it? >> this is the biden doctrine everything they try to cover it up. the truth is people know that under president trump we had a secure border. we don't have that now. under energy dominant under president trump. we don't have that now. go down the line, inflation, spending, everything was under control under president trump. it's not now. people will compare those two records and i know that's why they are so desperate to try to put a spin on this and again tell people their student loan is forgiven even though taxpayers are footing the bill. >> laura: i'm sure people across
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the country are really happy to be paying for some gender studies major's loan off as they have to struggle to get by to pay for basic things. senator, thank you so much. great stow so you. all right. coming up. one california politician sees a problem and decides, she is going to fix it. yeah. with her own hands? she is here to talk about it. plus, how democrat states are launching an attack again on parental rights. and it could be coming to that state near you. the details next.
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>> we have hysterical and i would argue prejudice people in engaged going around the country. it's an appeal to fear. and an appeal thoroughly unjustified and ugly. these are our kids. >> these are our neighbors. it's cruel. >> laura: what's cruel and monstrous, president biden, is what is happening to parents across the country. especially in liberal run states. a new bill in governor pritzker in illinois would change the definition of what abused child include anyone under the age of
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18 whose parents object to abortions or so-called gender affirming care like pursuant blockers. now, by changing the definition, h.b. 4876 then empowers the state to remove your child from your home unless you submit to their warped agenda where your son becomes your daughter, your daughter becomes your son. you get it. joining me now is jeanette cooper, illinois mom who lost custody of her 12-year-old in 2019 after refusing to affirm her new gender identity. you have been quarng about this for some time. what's your new warning tonight about this bill in particular? >> >> this bill has it backwards. people know what abuse is. we know what an abused child is the standard in the statute says quite clearly that an abused child is someone whose parent or guardian has inflicted permanent damage to their bodily function.
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that's exactly what gender medicine does. it inflicts permanent damage, permanent harm on a child. removing a child's breast is permanent damage to a body. that is child abuse. >> laura: ironically, jeanette, it's still considered abuse in illinois law to subject your child to female gentle mutilation. that's a practice that some immigrants, you know, still prefer for their daughters. but this legislation would essentially criminalize a parent's refusal to deny access to the same type of mutilation just by another name. so you live in illinois, do you think this bill as currently written changing this definition of abuse to basically make a lot of christian families abusive by definition, that -- does this have a real shot of becoming law? >> no. absolutely not. the citizens of illinois are not going to stand for something like this. they don't agree with the
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concept of gender identity. absolutely not. i mean, chicago is not the entire state. there's an entire state in illinois and they don't believe in such a concept of gender identity and certainly don't believe we should be abusing children with gender medicine. you talked about female genital mutilation. in that statute parent who ho consents to this and child who consents to this they are not the ones responsible. the people who are responsible are the doctors who perform this. the individuals who perform this on them. those are the people who should be held to account. those are the people who should be taken to the legal system so that people can get justifiable for what was done to them by the hospitals here in illinois and elsewhere in this country. hospital sued and doctor should not be able to touch another human being again. jeanette, what's the latest on your own situation? what was the last time you were able to see your daughter?
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i still haven't seen my daughter in two and a half years now. but, by all accounts, i think she is doing the same thing that i'm doing which is making lemonade out of lemons. the separation from your biological mother is a trauma to mom, me, and it's a trauma to my child. but we're both quite resilient people. and i think we are doing the best that we can. i think her perspective will change over time. just like everybody's does. and on this bill in particular, i hope the representative who introduced this bill will change her perspective, also. i think that will happen. >> laura: jeanette. i think a lot of people are waking up. your story is one of the researchers why. thank you for sharing it again and your perspective on all of this, good luck with your fight. >> what good is a wall if you can walk right around the corner of the wall? i'm standing in america right now.
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and now i'm standing in mexico. i'm going to tell you what. if in washington you don't want to come secure this border, i will do it myself. i will do it. >> laura: republican congressional candidate and marine vet kate monroe doing what biden refuses to do, secure the border. kate used her own money to buy 400 feet of razor wire and then kind of plugged up a 4-foot gap called the san judas break. she joins me now. kate, it's such an outrage, number one, that you had to do this. but that this is -- sadly, this is a situation across much of our border where there's maybe some type of obstruction that's either fallen down or in disrepair and people just walk right through. >> yeah. it's absolutely ridiculous. if you actually go down to the border, and you see how small the hole is, it's laughable to hear somebody say well, we need more money to patch it up. you can literally get on amazon, buy a little bit of razor wire
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and patch it up. it's absolutely criminal what's going on at the border. i got to think if trump were still in office, if he were in office again, we will get this border thing together. get the wall built. get it done. this is an absolute disgrace that has been done by this administration. i wanted to show people look, we don't have to go quietly into the night. we can actually get up and go do something as a mom of a young son, i had to step up and actually do something to secure our nation. >> laura: kate, did you talk to any members of border patrol when you were down there at the border, any thoughts from them about how this is deteriorated? >> oh, for sure. we talked to them and i told them exactly why i was there. i said i'm here to secure that hole in the border. i saw it on "60 minutes" and i said how in the hell have we not secured this little bitty hole. this doesn't seem that difficult. when they realized who i was and that i was running for congress as a republican. they pointed me exactly where to go. i said you guys stay here and baby-sit those 60 migrants that
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are waiting on their bus and their plane tickets and i will go secure the border since you are not allowed. to say they are absolutely disgusted at the state of affairs at the border. >> laura: is it true that 3,000 migrants, i call them illegal aliens, i'm sick of calling them migrants,. >> me too. >> laura: do they come through that hole on a weekly basis, monthly basis? what is it? >> oh, on a weekly basis. i mean, there was at some point there was 500 to 1,000 coming through per day. that's just one of three holes. tomorrow, actually, we are going to go find the other two holes and patch them up as well. why stop with one hole. as you can see, migrants are in all over the world, the illegal aliens are flooding our borders like it's nothing. >> laura: i mean, this is the united states of america. we have to have a congressional candidate go to the home depot and get some razor wire. i mean, you can't. it would be really hilarious if this wasn't our country at
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make your moves count. intuit turbotax. let a full-service expert do your taxes for you, as soon as today. (♪) is. >> laura: in two states where democrats had hopes of creating a permanent majority, a new poll is showing that donald trump is now leading biden in both arizona and nevada where biden won narrowly in 2020. more voters are giving trump a second look. the border and the economy no doubt are front of mind. now, the angle spoke to a group of undecided g.o.p. voters after our town hall with the former president and these are some of the reactions. >> if i could summarize what he said in one word, it was strength. he really sounded like the kind of leader that i would want to vote for. >> he was so likeable.
4:32 pm
guys, when he walks into a room he owns the room. it is obvious everybody liked him. i couldn't help myself but cheer for him. everybody likes him and it was evident. it's hard not to like president trump. >> laura: not just trump's strength or electability that is changing voters' minds about him. >> i don't care about the revenge thing. usually use the word have a reasoning. my revenge will be success. >> that right there is the line i have been wanting to hear from donald trump this whole election cycle. is he running again to get revenge to pay back? who do we have to attack? the ren detective that. no, it's my policies, my platform, my results. that will be the revenge. >> laura: joining me now kellyanne conway former counselor to president trump and charlie hurt "washington times" opinion editor both fox news contributors. kellkellyanne, your thoughts abt what those undecided voters took away from that town hall and specifically the way he came
4:33 pm
across? >> laura, first of all thank you for moderating the town hall and i think america learned so much. can you see why president trump is ahead. we all have the same hiring bias. >> we like to hire someone to do a job who has done the job before. that is really why he is ahead. trump 2024 a combination of a billion record from 2017 to 2021. particularly pre-covid. coupled with the return of the swagger and the hunger and the under estimated underdog from 2016. and you saw it all on full display. you asked the right questions. he gave great answers. they were really anchored in policy. people in this country are worried about security, affordability and fairness. i hear in focus groups and look at polls every day. and i hear the word strength. the opposite of strength is weakness. and the opposite of strength is failure. that's the way they look at biden. that won't be enough. they need to see the antidote to that these undecided voters are usually on the fence for trump
4:34 pm
because they don't like his personality or they worry about the court cases. but i'm going to say now that i said in 2016 after access holiday because i think it's even more true now. we, as americans, love to complain and converse about what offends us, but we street what effects us. that's why you are seeing many independent, hispanics, african-americans, some women and young people coming away from biden to trump. he needs majority from those groups to pull this off. >> laura: charlie, there was moment that got a lot of attention and it went by so fast during the town hall i didn't quite process it but let's replay it. >> i worry about their safety. i think it's a reason i'm doing. this i'm worrying about this country. this country is in such trouble. we have incompetent people running our country right now. the only thing they are good at is being vicious. >> you could see it in his eyes when he said i'm not worried about my safety. i'm worried about the safety of this country and its people. that was a very powerful remark.
4:35 pm
>> i think so too. >> laura: charlie, yeah, it was -- because a lot of people are worried about him. they are worried that someone could take a shot at him, that something would happen to his personal safety. he kind of just brushed it off without even a second no, i'm worried about america's safety. we are in big trouble. that was actually -- that hit people in the gut. >> charlie: yeah. when you look at what these people have done to him, you know, above board, what they have openly done to him, you know, and the price he has had to pay and the price his family has had to pay for getting involved in politics. it's truly extraordinary. people have a right to be worried about it. i have asked him many times. great life. why not just go back to your great life. and that's the answer he always gives which is he really does care about the country and he is very worried and he thinks that the amount of time we have left
4:36 pm
before these people absolutely destroy the country beyond repair and what we have seen in the last three years has been a perfect example of that. these people are not going to stop until they completely destroy the country, destroy our -- the way we do elections, the fact that they are trying to put him in jail. they are trying to bankrupt him. they are trying to take everything away from him and his family in order to punish him for being a political enemy? if democrats win and are allowed to run this election this way. and i think kellyanne will agree with this. they will never run another election for the rest of time any other way. >> laura: never. >> this is how they will run all elections forever. >> laura: nikki haley was on with our own harris faulkner earlier today. i want your reaction to what she said. >> harris: this saturday, the primary, how do you get there beyond the state when you haven't won a state yet? how do you win your first state? >> i mean, it's amazing to say i haven't won a state yet. you've only had three states that that have voted.
4:37 pm
>> harris: it's not amazing. south carolina is winner take all. >> yeah. we need to let the states. south carolinians have not voted yet. >> laura: kellyanne, your reaction? >> this is simple. you don't need to be a polster, mathematician to know haley lost 14 # of the 151 counties that have voted so far. for all the people out there screaming about you're election deniers. stop denying the election and will of the people. they have spoken. as of this saturday, nikki haley will have lost to donald trump by double digits in all four major geographic areas. the midwest, iowa, the northeast, new hampshire, the rockie mountain west, nevada, and the south, south carolina. i think she is giving way too much fodder to the democrats and the hard left ads that they are going to run in the fall. i think it's regrettable that it's coming from a, quote, republican. >> laura: she is certainly
4:38 pm
helping biden at this point. kellyanne and charlie thank you to both of you. commanders' bite is much bigger than his bark. raymond arroyo has it all. "seen and unseen" is next. ♪
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ing >> laura: time for "seen and unseen" where we reveal the stories behind the headlines and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, raymond, google just shut down its artificial intelligence image bot because it was spitting out erroneous images. is there any humor in this or is it all just bad news? >> well, there is a lot of humor, look. in their quest to be inclusive, laura. random imposed on historic figures. when you type in founding fathers this is what washington looked like. do you want to see a pope? how about this? how about a roman -- how about a roman emperor or astro astronaut, this is the result of the info google put into rot robot. attempt to promote. this is jen gemini the
4:44 pm
initiative. >> talk about things have you made mistakes in because we will make mistakes. when we're trying to be good allies. when we're trying to be anti-racist we will make mistakes. the point is though to keep trying, to keep educating yourself and getting better day to day. yeah. it's kind of convenient. like we missed the mark. you think. they are completely rewriting history or attempting on the road to rewriting history. to make it more diverse and inclusive. which is what they are doing in a lot of remake the films and historic bio-pics. that you will kind of stuff. >> look, diversity is a wonderful thing. i'm all for let's include everybody. you can't distort his here, laura. the fact is george washington was white. the fact is there were three
4:45 pm
african-american poppies. let's show them. -- popes. when you deprive people of their races or jumbo them up the way google is here, you are not allowing the future to profit from the glories or the struggles of those who went before. you know, we're given an inheritance with the past. it's our obligation to pass it onto the next generation intact. not remake it as we want to imagine it or as we think it should be. that is nonsense. >> laura: they don't like the past. you are too naive. you are naive. okay? you are very smart but you are also naive. they don't care about the past. they think the past is corrupt and we're an awful, rotten, racist country. that's what they think. so they want to eliminate all the old vestiges of the past and create a new world order and new world understanding that doesn't include old a archaic figures. i know you were doing some searches today. >> i have. our children may not remember the present as we see it. now, i did an ai search and i
4:46 pm
asked them to give me an image of tv host, laura ingraham. look what happened. now, that doesn't come on. that doesn't look like you. she was a big deal in tv poor sally jesse raffaele. >> laura: i liked her. >> laura ingraham? well, that's not her either. i tried blonde laura ingraham. and look ohio got. getting closer that could be the forthcoming ingraham the mini series, laura. that's what i'm hoping for. we'll see. >> okay. very funny. very funny. i did the same thing with you and i had to get some help to do this but i typed in raymond arroyo follies and then i tried raymond arroyo big band singer i got it right. the second one you got right. good. that was the right combo, laura. we got to move on speaking of biden humor. remember when joe biden brought commander to the white house,
4:47 pm
his dog? he seemed like such a good boy. >> you are a good boy. >> laura: he was a puppy. >> he was a good boy, laura, until he saw his first secret service agent. [dog barking] [screaming] >> biden never did get control of that animal, laura. you know, mcgruff the dog took a bite out of crime. this dog took a bite out of every secret service agent he ever saw. cnn got his hand on unseen secret service documents. listen to this. >> there were at least 24 specific incidents with the secret service i want you to read you this email from unnamed special eangt. agents must be creative to ensure our own personal safety. and exactly one month after that email, an agent working at the biden's rehoboth beach delaware home was bit in the backyard as he walked to his post it.
4:48 pm
caused a severe deep open wound that the agent started to lose a significant amount of blood. >> laura, he bled all over the carpet. >> laura: yeah? >> we have not been told any of this. 24 attack secret service. that's not counting the white house staff. now, the question is how was this animal first of all allowed to continue to do this? if your dog or mine did this repeatedly, do you know what would happen? animal control would take it and put it down. the biden dog went on and on and on. thank goodness they moved that dog out of the white house. it's the least they could do. >> laura: democrats are never good on recidivism, right? it's just a turnstile. they get punished and all the criminals just go out. same thing with the dog. by the way, i noticed the dog was on the couch. okay? not a good idea. i know we love our dogs, when the dog gets on the couch the dog feels like they can dominate you that's brian my smart puppy author always told me that. >> someone did something to this
4:49 pm
dog, laura. >> laura: 24 bite rule. i thought it was a two bite rule. it's inflation. bite inflation. all right. raymond, thanks. another bonus round from my town hall with trump. ♪ so... i know you and george were struggling with the possibility of having to move. how's that going? we found a way to make bathing safer with a kohler walk-in bath. a kohler walk-in bath provides a secure, spa-like bathing experience in the comfort of your own home. a kohler walk-in bath has one of the lowest step-ins
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>> we are back in greenville, south carolina, with president trump, and also we are joined by south carolina senator tim scott. thank you both for being with us. [applause] all right, we have spoken some on the show tonight about the black and hispanic vote, which seems to be trending more toward the republican party, specifically because of the america first agenda of president trump. in this new poll, it shows that president trump has 41% of the latino vote, 26% of the african american vote. what is he doing, and what can he do more of to even expand that? >> well, he's been very, very successful. if you look at the years when he
4:55 pm
was our president, we had the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the country for african americans, for the first time under 6%, because of donald trump. [applause] unlike a southern preacher, so i've got to stand a little bit. we had the lowest hispanic unemployment, the first time under 5%. agents come the first time under 3%. a 70-year low, overall population. on top of that, who is the president who brought the most money in for historically black colleges and universities? donald trump. [applause] who made the funding permanent for the first time? it wasn't barack obama. it wasn't bill clinton. it was? >> donald trump! [applause] >> actually, who signed the opportunities own legislation, bringing hundreds of billions of dollars into the poorest communities in all of our
4:56 pm
country? >> donald trump! [applause] >> success breeds success. 40% of african american men now are looking at donald trump. who trusts this president with the border? hispanics trust donald trump more than joe biden, because they have common sense. >> on the issue of crime, mr. president, people think it's the economy or the border, but crime is an important issue for all americans, especially inner-city, underserved, and underprivileged people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, but african americans, as you talked about, i'm from the d.c. area, it is just horrific what's happening to the people who deserve at least. >> we have to be very tough and have to respect our law enforcement and we have to give them back authorization to act on our behalf. we have to. [applause] one of the things i'm very proud of, and this was given through
4:57 pm
strength, some of the most conservative people wanted it, but a lot of liberals wanted it, too. and tim was one of the people really pressing, and his voice is very important to me. criminal justice reform, we got that done, and a lot of the african american population has never forgotten that. opportunity zones. tim came to see me about that. he said, "i have an idea, and it's an idea that we've tested." the problem is nobody could get it through. he came to me with it and i loved it. i think it's the greatest economic developer and program i've ever seen that nobody talks about. >> absolutely. >> it's been so successful. >> you have to have safety needs communities. [applause] something you haven't talked a lot about, he came strongly against the central bank digital currency, a government-controlled digital dollar. china has its own push on chinese digital currency. but isn't the next logical step for you to embrace bitcoin connect because bitcoin obviously is decentralized, the government can't get its hands on it. what about bitcoin and all the
4:58 pm
young people, including african americans, who are interested in it? >> a lot of people are doing it. i always like the one currency. i like the dollar. but a lot of people are doing it, and frankly it has taken a life of its own. you probably have to do some regulation, as you know, but many people are embracing it, and more and more i am seeing people wanting to pay in bitcoin, and you are seeing something that's interesting. i can live with it one way or the other. i've always liked one really powerful thing, and that's called the dollar. [applause] >> mr. president, one final comment to the people here, the voters of south carolina. but beyond, watching across the country, about what's at stake in this election coming up, given everything you're facing. >> actually think the life of our country is at stake. i think this is the most important election we ever had. i used to say that in 2016 and i meant it 100%. this blows it away. he had bad borders in 2016 but nothing like it -- we had
4:59 pm
problems in 2016, but this is magnified times ten. we are going to lose our country. it's going to be a disaster, and we have to do something. it's basically very simple. we are going to get back to energy, we are going to drill, we are going to take care of inflation. he caused inflation when he allowed energy to go through the roof, because energy involves everything. if you are making doughnuts, if you are building buildings, driving trucks, everything is powered in one form or another by energy. he allowed it to go from nothing to almost $100 a barrel. i had it down to 35 -- >> lng exports. >> i approved plans in louisiana they were up for 15 years. i got them approved in 24 hours. nobody could believe it. ten billion-dollar plants. we have a theme, it's called "make america great again." it is so simple. [applause] when people ask me the question, if we're going have in expense of energy, that's going to help us get rid of this horrible
5:00 pm
inflation. he had 30% inflation. if you look at it over his term, it's 38%. anybody that made anything, it doesn't matter, because the inflation is greater than whatever they made. we are going to get prices down and bring this country back, we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before, and we can still do it. but soon we will never be able to do that because it will be too fight on the line. >> one more question. when you are elected, and my the first interview at the white house? >> laura: that's it for us tonight. what a week. don't forget to set your dvr so you always stay connected with us. make sure to follow me on social media, x, instagram, all the adventures of the week. we have more photos and video going up by the moment. thank you again for watching. remember, it's america now and forever, and jesse watters takes it all from here. >> jesse: welcome to "jesse watters primetime."


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